Made a Chocolate Cake Last Night

Posted on January 28th, 2013 at 7:39 pm


Made a Chocolate Cake Last Night

It’s not an earth-shattering blog post that someone somewhere baked a cake on Sunday night. But when there’s a nasty storm outside, the streets are a sheet of ice and one of the Granthams will soon get the axe, baking a cake seems the thing to do to make home feel more homey. And, also, to test out this tiered cupcake pan.

We received a donation of several Nordic Ware pans the other day at the resale shop. On dropping them off at the front counter, the donor remarked, “Truth is, these pans never worked. The cakes never turned out the way they’re pictured. So here they are for someone else to give them a try.”

That someone was me. I decided to try one out before I put them in the shop’s kitchen section for sale.

I looked up a recipe in the pretty Miette cookbook, a double chocolate cake. Cocoa plus chocolate, buttermilk, 2 eggs, cooking oil instead of butter. The batter goes together a little different. Instead of mixing til smooth, you barely mix together the wet and dry ingredients.

Then you press it through a sieve.

The cakes baked and cooled, and then I crossed my fingers they would come out of the pan clean.

And voila, they did. But the pretty beads and swag details from the mold don’t translate well onto the surface of the cake, making the original owner’s experience the same as mine.

Happily, at $6, the cake pans are a more accurate value in my store than at the neighboring Williams-Sonoma, which sells them for $36.




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