Love & Hope for Hopeless Orphan Furniture:Transfer Foil

Posted on April 29th, 2012 at 9:16 pm


Love & Hope for Hopeless Orphan Furniture:Transfer Foil

This week, Liz revived a homeless coffee table with a cool looking metallic finish.  She did the quick change process using foil transfer, an inexpensive product that turned out to go on easy and look  great on old wood.

Here’s the table in its Goodwill condition:

Here’s the new finish:

Liz applied the transfer foil to the bare wood surface without priming or painting it first.  The outcome is a weathered, shabby metallic effect. Applying an undercoat of matching or contrasting paint will achieve a different finish.

Foil transfer comes in sheets or rolls in finishes from shiny metal to pearl.  Martha has a kit here. It’s far easier to apply transfer foil than work with gold or silver leaf. The important thing to remember is get the cold app kind,  not the heat-activated  foil for t-shirts et al.

The process: Spread glue or adhesive – Liz used Elmer’s – on the surface of your piece, then press transfer foil down flat.  Next, smooth it out with a soft cloth for good coverage. When you peel away the foil, the metallic sheen is transferred onto the surface. The result is a piece with personality and a different rainbow sheen.

These are pretty sweet, too.

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