High/Low Knockoff: Jonathan Adler Letter Pillow

Posted on June 17th, 2011 at 7:22 am


High/Low Knockoff: Jonathan Adler Letter Pillow

Lately, we’ve been in a sewing mood around Fine Diving. The enduring rain has produced soggy makeover candidates in the alley, so we’ve been turning to smaller sewing projects like these 3D pillows—oh, and I’m still working on the Bento Box quilt. It’s turned out to be a deceptively simple pattern—homage and respect to Bento Box quilters out there.

An upcoming wedding….a couple who love Jonathan Adler….and a small budget inspired reader Clair to make these Johnathan Adler knockoffs.

Here’s Jonathan’s version: wool, down insert, $98 for each 16 x 16 pillow:

Jonathan Adler letter pillow

Here’s Clair’s version: cotton front, wool back, down insert from Pottery Barn, $20 for each 18 x 18 pillow:

R for Rob, D for Doug, plus one for Shirley the cat.

Jonathan Adler pillow knockoffs

For the pillow fronts, Clair used new fabric and some Stitch Witchery to iron on the monograms before zigzagging them by machine, too.  For the backs, she upcycled two wool skirts with different size and color houndstooth.

The pillow front construction starts with a center square of white fabric. On all four sides, you then sew a strip of black fabric.  You repeat the last step with strips of white fabric, sewing it to all four sides to create the border affect.  Last, iron on the monograms and zigzag the edges.

Jonathan adler pillow knockoffs

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