Found Fun in an Anonymous Note

Posted on January 17th, 2012 at 8:11 am


Found Fun in an Anonymous Note

Skipping through the discards of life, why are we compelled along the way to pick up one random scrap of paper and not another?  Is it the color of the paper that makes us take notice, or the slant of the author’s handwriting, or a doodle?

In my case, it was the way the a blue piece of paper tumbled along in the same direction as I walked toward the Metra station last week.  I picked it up, smoothed out the sheet of notepad and laughed all the way to Lake Forest.

Thank you to the Anonymous who wrote:

Five Tips for Overcoming Interview Nerves

1. Use the following phrases to instantly feel important:

  • When I got back from military school…….
  • That’s the common opinion, but I tend to think……
  • I dropped my Lexus off just before coming here and…..
  • Or, simply work in a lot of French words.

2. Imagine the interviewer as a dog or cat……in underwear.

3. If energy lags during interview, simply start clapping at random things the interviewer says. Hopefully, it will actually be something significant.

4. Practice your handshake. Double-handed is best. Press the interviewer’s hand fervently by exerting pressure with both palms while saying, “Really, I can’t thank you enough. I had a marvelous time. Fantastic, thank you.  So much!”

5. Make sure they can hear you cheering down the hall.

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