Bread Bag Tabs Art

Posted on August 4th, 2011 at 10:00 am


Bread Bag Tabs Art

Those ubiquitous bread bag tab—what can you do with those daily plastic pieces? Once the whole wheat is gone, thrifty people have found lots of ways to reuse them.

Martha tags her electrical cords
Knitters find them handy to mark stitches
Others have found they’re good for keeping track of the loose end of scotch tape
Marking plants
Guitar picks
Picture hangers on the back of the frame
For bingo or poker
And on…

Here’s what I did with a collection I hunt-and-gathered from the park this summer.

Some white paper, Elmer’s glue and a yard sale frame, and here’s the result:

Good for kitchen or kids’ room art or a rainy day alternative to a jigsaw puzzle. Or bingo.

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