Wednesday Produce Blogging

Posted on September 9th, 2010 at 7:59 am


Wednesday Produce Blogging

The light was just right for some luscious photos at the farmer’s market just up the block. The central market day here is Saturday, but there’s a mini one that travels around to parks and public spots on Wednesday.

Those on top are kohlrabi, which tastes kind of like broccoli stems.  It’s good in a soup or slaw, or try it pureed from Farmgirl Fare’s recipe. I maintain, slaw is the new salad.  A fitting one for Chicagoans, you can also put on hot dog. Then there’s the slaco.

These beauties are honeycrisps.

And galas.  They stir up a memory of a perfect day last October, one of food’s bewitching abilities.  A sapphire blue sky, a college football game decided in the last seconds, a stop at a farm orchard where we were the only pickers, so we told really stupid stories real loud.

Peaches and corn.  Is there a recipe using both?  You can do a corn and peach salsa for swordfish.  Martha stuffs them in tomatoes.

Here they are.  Good for southern Texas style salsa.

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