#39: Mat Green

Posted on March 9th, 2010 at 7:36 am


#39: Mat Green

A piece of found carpeting and a roll of twine makes for a custom doormat for spring boots.  This is a Tossed and Found project I originally made for Time Out Chicago in August.  Now that we’re in the season of mud, particularly in the midwest, it’s a good way to upcycle a bit of old rug.

Found Item: A roll of indoor/outdoor carpet


Where: Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago


The Makeover: In stores, doormats usually come 30″ wide, but that doesn’t leave room for the shoes and boots you may need to leave outside to dry, so I cut this custom doormat with more generous dimensions.  After spraying the carpeting with a gardern hose, I used a serrrated knife to cut a 20 by 40 inch piece of carpet from the roll. Since indoor/outdoor carpet is not too dense, the cutting process was a snap and actually quite satisfying to rip through it with a knife. On to the design part of the project.

With some sisal twine and a tapestry needle, I bound the raw edge of the mat with a blanket stitch.  I marked the word Green on the mat in chalk, then used a second stitch, the daisy chain, to embroider the center. A word about the twine and needle:  be sure to get sisal or coated twine, as it will move through the carpet easily.  Regular household twine will make the job twice as long.  Craft shops sell large plastic needles, the kind you often find in yarn and needlecraft kits. These will work just as well and may be easier to find than tapestry needles.

This ecofriendly reminder can be used as a door or bathroom mat or an area rug in front of the kitchen sink.

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