#37: Lab Table

Posted on August 6th, 2009 at 10:53 pm


#37: Lab Table

We are scientists in our lab
Looking through the microscope
Those little glass slides, they never lie,
How can this small mind cope?

Maybe in a FarSide-ish world,  a large being was peering at me through the microscope last Friday when, in my tiny slide world,  I found this lab table.  It was off  a parking lot near the Loyola campus, just past the bend at Sheridan and Broadway.  It’s not clear if the table was used at the college or maybe younger, like high school.  Do university students chew gum and stick it under the desk?

Once I saw it, loading the lab table was a 2-person job.  Thank you to the studious looking guy who came to my aid.  He wasn’t scientific looking–who could stand the irony of that.  Instead, I sized him up as  more of the philosophy type as he hoisted his end of the table.  Surely he  ponders the nature of reality on a glass slide.

The makeover plan:  not so much of a makeover as a clean-up.  Sand off the rust, see if the laminate top can be glued and scrubbed into good shape for amoeba-gazing or laptop use.

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