Jane Doe Framed

Posted on June 18th, 2009 at 10:07 pm


Jane Doe Framed

Found Item: Oak picture frame

Where: NU campus. The students bailed last week. I took this from the top of the dumpster heap outside one of the dorms.

The  Makeover: In concept, I love the idea of giving a tech look to a picture frame by wrapping it in bubble wrap, but it’s obvious this is one of those projects that needs tweaking. For the wrap, I used a silver and white insulated bag–the kind frozen foods are shipped in (Christmas gift from the in-laws).  I cut it into four strips to wrap around each of the frame’s sides.  Glue won’t adhere to the shiny surface, so I used a staple gun with short staples to fix the bubble wrap to the inside of the frame and to the back.

janedoeframe2 Jane Doe Framed

For more successful results, based on this try, I recommend choosing a frame that has a deeper channel for the glass fitting. This would allow more room on the inner part of the frame to staple the bubble wrap in place.  A flatter frame, one with less or no contours would also give a neater finished project.

janedoeframe4 Jane Doe Framed

Materials: frame, bubble wrap freezer bag, 1/4″ staples and staple gun

pixel Jane Doe Framed