Jane Doe Framed

Posted on June 18th, 2009 at 10:07 pm


Jane Doe Framed

Found Item: Oak picture frame

Where: NU campus. The students bailed last week. I took this from the top of the dumpster heap outside one of the dorms.

The  Makeover: In concept, I love the idea of giving a tech look to a picture frame by wrapping it in bubble wrap, but it’s obvious this is one of those projects that needs tweaking. For the wrap, I used a silver and white insulated bag–the kind frozen foods are shipped in (Christmas gift from the in-laws).  I cut it into four strips to wrap around each of the frame’s sides.  Glue won’t adhere to the shiny surface, so I used a staple gun with short staples to fix the bubble wrap to the inside of the frame and to the back.

For more successful results, based on this try, I recommend choosing a frame that has a deeper channel for the glass fitting. This would allow more room on the inner part of the frame to staple the bubble wrap in place.  A flatter frame, one with less or no contours would also give a neater finished project.

Materials: frame, bubble wrap freezer bag, 1/4″ staples and staple gun

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